STABILIT is a Mexican company specialized in the manufacture of fiberglass-reinforced plastic sheets, with its products reaching more than 30 countries in 4 continents

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IMSA Plastics

IMSA Plastics is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of polycarbonate sheets. This product is an attractive solution to lighting needs, protection, and aesthetics within the construction industry. IMSA has a leading position in NAFTA.


Polímeros Gestión Industrial is a company based in Córdoba, Spain, focused on strengthening the industry with the manufacture of translucent polycarbonate systems, and committed to the environment as an efficient, sustainable and responsible company.


Nudo specializes in ceiling, wall, floor, exterior and sign panels that offer solutions in the building products, signage, transportation and architectural design industries with a dominant market share in the USA.


Marlite is a company that offers the most extensive line of durable and decorative wall and specialty products for any commercial building – delivered with unmatched service, reliability and value.